Challenge-Based Gamification

Easily offer highly-engaging challenge-based features directly to your guests:

Free-to-Play Challenges

Guests earn “points” by visiting your venue, making purchases or completing bets & challenges. Points can be redeemed for prizes, discounts, and more.

Peer-to-Peer Betting

Guests can place “bets” against each other on sports, pop-culture, or custom topics directly related to your product or services.

Group Prediction Pools

Guests compete in a group competitions to predict outcomes and win prizes. Customize the rules, scoring system, and prizes to fit your objectives

Customized For Your Business

WagerLab’s software can be fully customized to fit your product or service

New Apps or Websites

We’ll create a new white-labeled app or website where you can offer these features to your guests. We handle everything!

Use Your Existing App or Site

You can also use our APIs to integrate these features into your existing app or website with only a few lines of code

Integrate Your Data

Configure all aspects of your integration. and engage guests with challenges directly related to your products or services.

Sports Bars

Increase guest visits by offering betting pools around big games

Bowling Alleys

Drive revenue by allowing players to bet on their games for food & drink orders

Team Sponsors

Activate your sponsorships with games that reward fan loyalty


Reach young, novice bettors through free-to-play betting games

and much more!

Reach out to find out how we can help grow your business!

Proven Results

Explore how WagerLab delivers results to all types of businesses
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Increase Visits

Are you a venue-based business? WagerLab is an exciting and competitive way for venues like bars or restaurants to enhance loyalty, improve engagement, increase guest visits, and build incremental revenue.

Everything is more fun when you have a bit of personal skin in the game, and WagerLab’s platform adds a new level of engagement to your existing business model..

Fact: Restaurant gamification or loyalty platforms can increase guest visits by 35%.


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Increase Average Spend

Through your users' enhanced sense of competitive engagement, you leverage the power and excitement of our games to your advantage. Free-to-play betting opportunities can be customized to link between game or event outcomes and your guests’ bets . . . ensuring guests stay longer, engage more and have a memorable time.

Fact: Guests stayed 20% longer and spend 18% more per visit with trivia and competitive games for venues.


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Attract More Potential Guests

Users often share their scores and achievements on social media, enabling your brand to obtain exponential peer exposure.

Fact: 50% of people say they’ve made a purchase for the first time because of a social media post.


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Integrate with your Systems

Our webview-based API can integrate with your current app or website. Additionally, your PoS or loyalty program can integrate into the rewards configuration allowing you to offer tailored rewards to winners.

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WagerLab provides software integrations that allow you quickly and easily to offer fun, engaging challenge-based features to your customers.
There are 3 core-features that we provide. 1. Peer-to-Peer Betting - Users can propose bets to each other and keep track of the results. You can let the users define what's at stake or allow them to bet with a new or existing form of loyalty-points (specific to your business). 2. Group Prediction Pools - Users predict outcomes on various events and topics. You can opt to reward the winners with prizes of your choosing. There are endless ways to configure the rules and scoring settings of these Pools. A given Pool can last an hour, a day, a year, or longer! 3. Free-to-Play Challenges - This is a loyalty-based system which gives your users a fun way to compete for prizes and discounts. You can define a number of ways for users to earn points such as making a purchase or visiting your venue. Users can then complete challenges (or make predictions) to earn more points. These points can then be redeemed to prizes, used to climb leaderboards, or whatever else you'd like.
We're able to create and fully manage new mobile apps or websites for you which include these features. These sites are fully white-labeled and include all of your branding and colors. We can also provide APIs to you allow you to offer these features directly through your existing app or website. Our APIs can handle both the back-end and front-end of these features so it only takes a few lines of code to get up and running.
1. Sports and pop-culture topics very similar to sports betting. This is available out-of-the-box. 2. Custom topics/challenges related to your product or services. Integrate your data system or manually input your own challenges for a higher level of customization. For example, if you're a bowling alley, you could integrate your scoring system in order to allow your guests to challenge each other on their games.
Our product has been thoroughly vetted from a legal compliance standpoint and is completely legal in all 50 United States as well as most other countries. Most of the betting taking place involves free-to-play or point-based betting where you're not directly staking money on a specific outcome. In some cases, when clients offer a game of skill, we can provide direct real-money betting solutions because in most regions, you don't need extensive licensing when users are betting on their own performance in a game of skill.
Each customer, application and solution is unique. We find it best to discuss your business objectives first. We then construct a formal costing for presentation based on your budget and requirements. For most clients, the primary cost is our monthly licensing and maintenance fee. For off-the-shelf solutions that don't require a high level of customization, we offer discounted pricing that can easily fit the budget of any business - large or small.
We don't offer a free trial, but we are more than happy to demo our product to you and showcase how it will benefit your business in a very detailed manner.

WagerLab Tech

WagerLab was founded in 2019 as a peer-to-peer sports betting app. Our app has seen some impressive growth and success and we're now offering its powerful features to your business!
    • Competitive gamification tailored to your needs
    • Fully managed with virtually no overhead for your team

    • Additional services like marketing, analytics, product optimization, hosting, and app distribution all included!

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